Bio Chem Press  Internet Electronic Journal of Molecular Design is a refereed journal for scientific papers regarding all applications of molecular design
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Internet Electronic Journal of Molecular Design - IEJMD, ISSN 1538-6414, CODEN IEJMAT
Instructions for Authors

New: All papers submitted for publication in the Internet Electronic Journal of Molecular Design or in the Internet Electronic Conference of Molecular Design must be prepared by using the Word template file IEJMD_template.doc. Type or paste your text, tables or figures in the appropriate sections of this file.

Download the Word template file IEJMD_template.doc.

Internet Electronic Journal of Molecular Design is an electronic journal that publishes original contributions regarding all aspects of computer-assisted molecular design applications in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, including:

  • Computer-aided organic synthesis
  • Chemical structure and reactivity investigated with molecular mechanics, quantum chemistry, and molecular dynamics methods
  • Definition, calculation and evaluation of novel structural descriptors
  • Chemical database searching, clustering, similarity and diversity measure
  • Prediction of physico-chemical properties with Quantitative Structure-Property Relationships (QSPR)
  • Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR) models for biological activity, toxicity, mutagenicity, and carcinogenicity
  • Prediction of chromatographic retention parameters and design of stationary phases for chromatography
  • Modeling of bioorganic compounds, such as proteins, enzymes, and nucleic acids
  • New algorithms for modeling chemical and biochemical phenomena, such as global optimization methods, simulated annealing, neural networks, genetic algorithms, ant colony algorithm
  • Design of special materials, catalysts, high energy compounds, polymers, molecular machines

Only original papers are considered for publication in the Internet Electronic Journal of Molecular Design. Submission of an article is understood to imply that it has not previously been published in any language, that it is not considered for publication elsewhere, and that if accepted for publication it will not be published elsewhere.

Manuscripts are accepted on the understanding that the authors have obtained any necessary authority for publication. Authors are solely responsible for the factual accuracy of their contributions. All authors submitting papers for publication are required to sign an exclusive copyright license. The correspondence author must obtain the publication agreement from all other authors.

1 Organization of the Manuscript

The entire manuscript, including mathematical equations, chemical structures, tables, and figures must be prepared in electronic form and submitted as Word for Windows files. Use only fonts that come with Windows software. For the text use Times New Roman size 12. For all special characters (e.g., Greek characters) use the font Symbol. Use carriage returns only to end headings and paragraphs, not to break lines of text. Automatic hyphenation should be turned off. Do not insert spaces before punctuation. Verify the correct spelling for the final version with the Spelling and Grammar function of Word.

2 Language

Manuscripts should be written in English.

3 Submission of the Manuscript

The manuscript and supplementary material must be send by the corresponding author to the Editor in an electronic form as Word for Windows files. Send all files to

A copyright license form will be provided to the corresponding author only when a paper is accepted for publication.

4 Refereeing

Each manuscript is evaluated by at least two referees. Authors may suggest referees as well as name persons whom they wish to be excluded from the review process. The anonymity of referees is assured, and a referee should never communicate directly with an author. A referee must treat as confidential material the manuscript and any supplementary material.

5 Revision of the Manuscript

All comments made by referees must be addressed. A letter describing all changes that were made should be attached with the revised version of the manuscript. A copyright license form must accompany the final version of the manuscript.

6 Preprint Option

Any manuscript received for publication in the Internet Electronic Journal of Molecular Design can be published on the Web as preprint. All authors submitting a manuscript must clearly indicate that they wish to publish it as a preprint. The referees appreciate if the manuscript meets the basic requirements for publication and recommend its publication as preprint. A preprint not accepted for publication by the referees will be immediately removed from the preprint collection. A published paper which was previously available as a preprint will have clearly indicated the date when it was first published on the Web. A work published as preprint can benefit from comments from the readers which can eventually improve the manuscript. Revised versions that incorporate corrections from reviewers and suggestions from readers can be also published as preprints.

7 Publication of the Manuscript

Accepted papers are published as PDF files available at the Web site of BioChem Press,

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